What our patients think



Dr. Jhurani operated on Legendary Neurosurgeon Dr S. R. Dharkar.

After Computer Aided Knee Replacements Dr Dharkar is walking 3-4 Km every day and enjoying a normal active life.


Renu Sharma, 48 yrs old a young UNICEF officer drives to office every day after Robotic Partial Knee Replacements.


A 24 year old patient crippled by juvenile arthritis walked after being on wheel chair for a year. Her smile motivated us further to do better 🙂 .

Dr.Rajeev Lochan Tiwari


“My Mother got her Knee Replacement done by Dr. Jhurani. She is happy and satisfied.”

Sr.Consultant and HOD ( Anaesthesia ), Fortis Escorts Hospital

Dr.Rakesh Chittora

Dr. Rakesh Chittora

“My father got his bilateral knee replacements from Dr. Jhurani. He does all his routine activities including driving.”

Sr.Consultant CTVS Surgeon,Fortis Escorts Hospital

Dr. Agarwal


“My mother got her revision TKR from Dr. Jhurani. She is 82 years but her surgery was successful.”

Mr Rajendra

“I got my 95 year old mothers knee replacement from Dr Jhurani. And She has got a new life.”

Rail Corporation Of India

Husband and Wife



“Husband and Wife came together for Surgery”

Dr. Shalini


“I and my mother both got both knees replaced by Dr. Jhurani by Subvastus approach and are very happy.
Thank you”

Dr. Radha Nair

“Senior Gynacaecologist Dr. Radha Nair who underwent knee replacement surgery four years ago is now living a pain free Happy life. She says “I got operated by Dr. Anoop Jhurani four years ago and this surgery has helped me to lead a better life. Earlier, I used to face a lot of difficulty even while standing up and moving from one place to the other. Thanks to Dr. Anoop Jhurani and his team for successful and painless surgery.”

Dr. Sudha Gahlot

“71 years old Dr. Sudha Gahlot working as Senior Gyanacologist In delhi public school was suffering from knee osteoarthritis. After knee replacement surgery by Dr. Anoop Jhurani, She is enjoying her normal life. In her words “before surgery I was finding it extremely difficult to stand, walk and drive. But after surgical procedure I can drive, cycle and sit on the ground. I appreciate great efforts of Dr. Anoop Jhurani and his dedicated team to make it possible for me to regain my life – full of zest.”

Dr. Sunita Cholak

“Dr. sunita Cholak, Senior Pathologist in SMS Hospital, Jaipur says “I had pain in both knees for last four years and after surgery I have got rid of my knee pain completely. It is almost two years that I have been operated for partial knee resurfacing in both knee by Dr. Anoop Jhurani. I do my normal activities such as walking, climbing stairs, standing and all my daily chores comfortably. I am thankful to Dr. Anoop Jhurani and his team for doing such wonderful work.”

Dr. Sumit Mathur

“46 year old Dr. Sumit Mathur, Sr. Dentist by profession was operated for right side hip replacement surgery on 28th Oct 2014 by Dr. Anoop Jhurani. Dr. Mathur was suffering from intense pain in hip joint and could hardly stand or walk. After hip replacement surgery he has returned to his active practice and is living a normal and happy life without pain. Please accept my gratitude for my successful THR, which made my professional & personal life much better. Thanks to Dr. Jhurani and his team for their wonderful work.”

Dr. M.M. Bafna

“80 years old Senior Orthopaedician from Bharatpur Dr. M.M. Bafna was suffering from knee Osteoarthritis was facing difficulties to do activities of daily living. He was wheel chair bound. Now after 2 years of knee replacement surgery by Dr. Anoop Jhurani, he is practicing as ortheopaedician as before in Bharatpur says “all thanks to Dr. Jhurani I am seeing patients and enjoying my normal life.”

Dr. J.S. Dhaka

“Dr. J.S. Dhaka is the most senior orthopaedic surgeon of the Rajasthan State. He retired in year 1989 from government service. He was suffering from joint pain and inability to complete daily normal activities. He was operated upon a successful knee replacement surgery by Dr. Anoop Jhurani in Feb. 2013. This was the first opportunity for him to operate a senior colleague of the same speciality. Dr. J.S. Dhaka is still practicing in Sikar.”


“An American patient for revision hip replacement by Dr Anoop Jhurani”

Dr jhurani

“Dr jhurani recently operated 82 year old senior doctor DR Inder Dhudani. Dr dhudani still works in Nepal and is fit to work after 15 days of surgery.”


Senior Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Mishra got his wife’s both knee replacement by computer navigation from Dr Jhurani. Both the surgeon and patient are happy


Patient from Pakistan for Bilateral Knee Replacement.


Patient from Pakistan for Knee Replacement Surgery

International Patients

Dr.Jhurani has large experience of operating international patients.He gets patients from Africa , Afghanistan and Pakistan. Apart from his skills and experience, Dr.Jhurani gives time and attention to the special needs of foreign patients. Patients coming from other countries often have language problems and concerns on infection, complications etc.

We have special sessions on councelling these patients and take all the care to make them feel at home during and after surgery.


Patient from Africa for Bilateral Knee Replacement.


Patient from America came for Shoulder Replacement.