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Revision Knee Replacement for Instability

revision knee replacement

Conversion of Fused Hip in to Total Hip Replacement (THR)

conversion of fused hip

Total hip Replacement (THR) for Dysplasia Hip with SRom Stem

total hip replacement

Revision Hip Replacement Surgery

revision hip replacement

Live Total Hip Replacement Discussion-I

Live total hip replacement discussion 1

Hip Replacement Surgery Demo

hip replacement demo

Partial Knee Replacement


Takedown of a fused or stiff hip in Ankylosing Spondylitis


Excision of heterotrophic ossification and conversion to THR

Jhurani ji

Live Total Hip Replacement Discussion-II

live total hip replacement discussion2

Knee Replacement Surgery Demo

knee replacement demo

Delta Motion Hip Replacement


Dr. Anoop Jhurani’s interview on DD Health


Which Socket to use and why


Live Knee Replacement in Rheumatoid Discussion-I

live knee replacement discussion1

Dual Mobility Total Hip Replacement

2015-12-30 14_26_41-(no subject) - - Gmail

Which Hip to Choose and Why


Which Knee to Choose and Why


Correction of severe FFD with navigation


Live Knee Replacement in Rheumatoid Discussion-II

live knee replacement discussion2

Subvastus Approach Total Knee Replacement

2015-12-30 14_27_34-(no subject) - - Gmail

What an Orthopaedic Surgeon ought to be ; A philosophical perspective

knee replacement demo

When to Uni, when to CR, when to PS, when to PS plus, when to constraint a knee A perspective

Jhurani ji

Robotic partial knee replacement