Dr. Anoop Jhurani

Advanced Center for Robotic and Computer Navigated Joint Replacement,Fortis Escort Hospital

M.S Orthopaedics,Consultant orthopedic Surgeon, Specialisation: Joint Replacement Surgery

Mobile: +91-0141-2650550, +919829019985

Email: dranoopj@yahoo.co.in

Born : 10.09.1968

Professional Qualifications:

  • M.B.B.S  From S.M.S Medical College, Jaipur 1993
  • M.S Orthopaedics from S.M.S Medical College, Jaipur  (1993-1996).


Academic Honors :

  • Ranked First in M.S ORTH. Exam, 1996
  • Ranked First in 1st M.B.B.S university examination in all five medical colleges of Rajasthan with honors in all three subjects and gold medals in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry.
  • Ranked First in Pre-medical test, Rajasthan in 1986


Basic Orthopaedic Training :

  • Senior residency from October 1996 to October 1999 at Santokba Durlabji Memorial hospital, Jaipur
  • Clinical attachment with Dr. C.J Thakkar at Leelawati Hospital, Mumbai for Joint replacements (Feb-March 2001)
  • Clinical attachment at Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore for Arthroplasty June 2002
  • Clinical attachment for Arthroplasty with Dr. C.J Thakkar at Bombay [Mar 2003]
  • Clinical attachment at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai in Orthopaedic Oncology (Feb-March2004).
  • IOA Inland Fellowship in Orthopaedic Oncology from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai [Feb 2006]


Fellowship and Specialized Training in Joint Replacement Surgery:

  • Fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery from Hospital of Special Surgery New York with Dr. C.S. Ranawat, Oct-Dec 2010
  • Visiting surgeon at Univ. of Mannheim, Heidelburg, Germany for Arthroplasty, Sept 2008
  • Visiting surgeon, Harvard Medical School, Boston with Dr. Richard. C Scott for Joint Replacements, Dec 2009.
  • Visiting surgeon Mayo Clinic Rochester with Dr. Cabanela, Dec 2009.
  • Visiting surgeon at Rush Medical, Chicago with Dr. Paprosky and Dr. Della Valle for Revision Surgery, Nov 2013
  • Visiting surgeon at NASH in Columbus, Ohio, with Dr. Adolf Lombardi and Dr. Keith Berend for Partial Knee Replacements and Bicruciate Bi Uni’s, Nov 2014.
  • Visiting Surgeon for Robotic Mako Partial , Total Knee and Hip Arthroplasty, with Dr Hernandez, Texas , USA , NOV 2015.
  • INDO UK SENIOR Arthroplasty Fellowship Sept 2015, Oxford, London.
  • Cadaveric Robotic training, AAHKS Meeting Dallas, Nov, 2016


Present Clinical Appointments :

Director, Joint ReplacementServices , Fortis Escorts Hospital,Jaipur


Academic and Teaching Experience:

Co-ordinator, Fellowship Program and Education, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur.

I have teaching experience of over five years. I take active interest in teaching fellows and residents, laying stress on thorough clinical examination and pre-operative planning. I ensure that they understand the fine details of surgical anatomy and nuances of surgical steps during the operative procedure. Each day’s learning or mistake is reinforced as ‘Lesson of the Day’. Research is high on our priority and residents take active part in maintaining the database and are involved in at least one project.


Operative Experience 

My basic orthopaedic training was from 1993-1996 at S.M.S Medical College which had an extremely busy trauma department. I learnt the fine art of hand surgery in my first year of orthopaedic training from Dr. V. K. Pande, an eminent hand surgeon. My second and third year of residency training were in trauma and spine surgery. I gradually became interested in ‘ Reconstruction surgery of Joints’ and their anatomy and biomechanics.

During the later part of my training, I spent three years of Senior Residency honing my skills in adult joint reconstruction. I have spent sufficient time in visiting finest centers of joint replacement surgery across the globe and learning from the masters in this field.

Currently, the focus of my practice is joint replacement and revision surgery. I have performed more than 2500 joint replacements surgeries including computer assisted joint replacements and revision surgeries. I have also had a chance to do live surgeries in other countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam.


Professional Memberships:

  • International Member, American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons.
  • Life member-Trauma society of India
  • Life member- Indo-German Orthopaedic Foundation.
  • Life member-Indian Orthopaedic Association.
  • Life member, Indian Arthroplasty Association
  • Life member, Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons
  • Life member, Indian Musculo-Skeletal Tumor Society
  • Life member, Association of Pelvi-Acetabular Surgeons
  • Member, Bombay Orthopaedic Society


Leadership Positions :

  • Secretary, Indian Arthroplasty Association
  • Executive, Indian Society of Hip and Knee Surgeons
  • Reviewer, Arthroplasty Today
  • Organising Secretary, Indian Arthroplasty Annual Meeting, 2014
  • Organising Secretary, Raj Ortho Association Meeting, 2016


Continuing Orthopaedic Education; Courses Attended :

  • Basic Hip arthroplasty Course, 2002, at Delhi
  • Basic Knee Arthroplasty Course, organised by Royal College of Surgeons, May 2003
  • Ranawat course on Joint Replacements 2005-2013
  • Indian Hip and Knee Society Meet, 2007-2013.
  • Workshop on Unicompartmental knee replacements Ioacon, 2006
  • Workshop on Revision THR and TKR IOACON, 2006
  • Workshop on Computer Assisted Navigation TKR, Bombay Nov 2006.
  • Masters  Hip course  at Bombay, Dec 2006
  • ISOLS,2007, Hamburg, Germany
  • CCJR, USA, Dec 2008.
  • Delta course on  Revision Arthroplasty, Delhi, Aug 2008
  • Delta course in Revision Joint Surgery, Hyderabad, 2009
  • AAOS MEETING ,Chicago, 2013
  • Cadaveric Pelvi-Acetabular Course, Davos Switzerland, Nov 2013
  • American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons Meet, Dallas, 2014



“Tumors of the Hand”- a study under Dr.V.K.Pande, Professor of Orthopaedics, Hand surgery, SMS Hospital, Jaipur.



  • Effect of Closed Suction Drain on Blood Loss and Transfusion Rates in Simultaneous Bilateral Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Prospective Randomized Study, Aug 2016.
  • The effect of patellar replacement technique on patellofemoral complications and anterior knee pain., Journal of Arthroplasty June 2012.


Book Chapters:

  • Choice of Knee Implant, Knee Surgery by Dr A. Rajgopal
  • Patello femoral joint , IOA Textbook, 2016.


Ongoing Clinical and Research projects :

  • The effect of extrarticular deformity on soft tissue balancing in TKR
  • 3-5 year mid term follow up of the All Poly Tibial Component.


Presentations/ Faculty Lectures :

  • “Anatomical Observations in a case of Judicial Hanging” co-authored with DR. M. VERMA, former head of the Department of Anatomy, SMS Medical College, jaipur.
  • “Milchbatchelor Osteotomy-the Indian Perspective” read at Rajasthan Orthopaedic Surgeons Association Conference 1999 and won the best paper award.
  • “Intraarticular Fractures of Proximal Tibia”- read at Rajasthan Orthopaedic Surgeons Conference 2002.
  • “Complications of DHS” read at Indo-German Orthopaedic foundation meet 2003
  • “Current Concepts in Orthopaedic Oncology” read at Rajasthan Orthopaedic Surgeons Association Conference 2005.
  • Management of Pathological Fractures, at Raj. Ortho. Surgeons Association meet, 2006, and awarded the best paper award.
  • Principles of Management of Pathological Fractures read at Indian Ortho. Association Conference 2006.
  • Lets be positive about Malignant Bone Tumors, Indo-German Orthopaedic Foundation,Oct 2007
  • Pre-op planning in TKR, ROSACON 2007
  • Cadaveric Revision Knee Course, Bangkok, 2011.
  • Principles of Revision TKR, state of art meet on Joint Replacements, Shangai, 2010.
  • Managing Complex situations in THR, Vietnam Orthopaedic Association annual meet, Ho Chi Min city, Vietnam, 2011.
  • Newer Bearings in THR, Bangladesh Ortho. Association Meet, Dacca, 2011
  • Indian Arthroplasty Association meet Delhi, Nov 2008
  • Cadaveric Hip and Knee Course, AIIMS, New Delhi, 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Cadaveric Hip Course, Hong Kong, 2011.
  • How to rotate the Femur component correctly, APAS , Mumbai, August 2012.
  • The All Poly Tibia in TKA- CAD Course, Mumbai, October 2012.
  • TKA in Valgus Knee, Indian Arthroplasty Meet, November 2012.
  • K.T DHOLAKIA  Best  Paper Award in ROC 2013 , Bangalore on ‘All Poly Tibia  in TKR- 3-5 Year Mid Term Results.
  • Reducing wear in Fixed Bearing Knees, CAS and RP course , Chennai, Feb, 2012.
  • New Materials..Promises, promises….ISHKS meet Calcutta, April 2013.
  • Intraoperative Tips for a Flawless TKR , Ganga Operative Arthroplasty Course, Coimbatore, May 2013.
  • Pain after THA, Ganga Operative Arthroplasty Course, Coimbatore, May 2013.
  • Extrarticular deformities in TKA, Hyderabad, August, 2013
  • Video on Soft Tissue Exposures in Revision Knee, Hyderabad, August, 2013
  • TKR in Extrarticular Deformities, ISHKS, April, 2014
  • Asian Considerations in Knee Design: Open Minds Summit, Sydney, Australia. August, 2014
  • Tips to do a perfect varus Knee, Pune Live Arthroplasty Course, Sept, 2014
  • Case presentation, Revision Hip, AAHKS Meet, Dallas, 2014
  • Do drains increase the risk of blood transfusion in bilateral knee replacements, ROC meet, Mumbai, 2015
  • Case Presentation, Revision Hip, Revision Knee, ROC 2015
  • Panel discussion, Grey areas in Knee Replacements, Raj Ortho Surgeons Association, Mt Abu Jan 2015
  • How to protect nerves, vessels, ligaments in TKR, ISHKS, Mumbai, April 2015
  • Drains v/s no drainage in TKR- A Metanalysis, ISHKS, Mumbai, April 2015
  • Femoral Reconstruction in Revision THA, Cadaveric Revision Course, Dehradun, June 2015
  • Infection in THA, ISHKS Certified Course, June 2015, New Delhi
  • Choice of Hip Implant in 2015, Ganga Arthroplasty Course, Coimbatore, July, 2015
  • Alignment v/s Balance in Total Knee Arthroplasty, Ganga Arthroplasty Course, Coimbatore, July 2015
  • Instability in THR; Causes and Mnagement, AIIMS Arthroplasty Course, August 2015\
  • Algorithm in revision TKR, IAA –ASIA Meeting, Agra, Oct, 2015
  • TKA In Post HTO Knees, IAA –ASIA Meeting, Agra, Oct, 2015
  • Case presentation, Revision hip, Revision Knee, AAHKS Meeting, Dallas, Nov, 2015.
  • Knee panel Discussion, Max Knee course, Chandigarh, Nov 2015
  • Painful and stiff knee, Bangalore, ROC 16
  • Revision knee case, Bangalore, ROC, 2016
  • UNI: Worth the consideration ISHKS Meeting Chennai, April, 2016
  • TKR in Obese, ISHKS Meting , April, 2016.
  • Panel discussion on THR after Trauma, Guntur Arthroplasty course, April, 2016
  • Indications for Oxford Uni, AOA Course, Pune, July, 2016
  • Panel discussion on MCOA knee, MAX ELITE COURSE Chandigarh, October, 2016
  • Panel discussion on Grey Areas in knee Arthroplasty and THR for Neglected Hip Fractures MAXX Masters Course , Vapi, October, 2016
  • THR for Neglected Acetabular Fractures, Choice of Femoral Stem in Revision Hips, IAA , Delhi, Nov , 2016
  • Global Considerations in UKA- Ranawat conference , Mumbai, Jan 2016
  • Constitutional Alignemnt in TKA and Socket placement in Dysplasia, JROSA, Delhi, Feb, 2017
  • Removal of well fixed femoral and acetabular components ISHKS, April, New Delhi 2017


Workshops organized :

  • Basic course in Total Hip Arthroplasty  2003 at Jaipur
  • Current concepts in Orthopaedic Oncology  May 2004 at  Jaipur.
  • Skill based workshop on THR at Sikar and Alwar,  Sept. 2005
  • Master class in GCTS , May 2007
  • Workshop on Knee Replacements, ROSACON, 2010.
  • Complex Hip Arthroplasty Fortis Hospital, 2010.
  • Hip conclave at Fortis Hospital, 2012.
  • Live Knee Course at Fortis Hospital , 2012
  • IAA Indian Arthroplasty Association 10th Annual Meeting, Jaipur, Nov, 2013. organising secretary.
  • Live Revision Hip Course, July 2014, Fortis Escorts Hospital.
  • Live Uni Course, Sept 2014, Jaipur
  • Live Complex Hip Course, Dual Mobility, Jaipur , Sept, 2015
  • Live surgery Knee Subvastus Approach, IOACON Workshop, Jaipur, Nov 2016
  • Annual Meeting of Assoc of pelvi Acetabular Surgeons, March 2017


Live Surgery Demonstration :

  • Computer Aided TKR  Jaipur 2010, relayed to Jodhpur and Udaipur.
  • Complex THR, relayed to Chennai, 2011.
  • Complex THR, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, 2012.
  • TKR and THR, Dhaka, Bangladesh, National Conference, 2013.
  • Complex THR, Ganga Arthroplasty Course, Coimbatore, 2013.
  • Complex TKR, Jodhpur, 2014.
  • TKR and Complex THR, Kanpur Arthroplasty Course, Kanpur, 2014.
  • Revision THR, Hip Revision Course, Jaipur, June 2014.
  • Revision THR and Complex THR, Ganga Arthroplasty Course , Coimbatore, 2015.
  • Complex THR, AIIMs Arthroplasty Course, New Delhi, August 2015
  • Dual Mobility Hip, Hip Course, Jaipur, sept, 2015
  • Delta Motion Hip , Jaipur, Dec, 2015.
  • Live Complex Hip, UP Orthopaedic Assoc Meet, Feb, 2016
  • Live TKR with Subvastus approach, Guwahati, April, 2016
  • Live TKR with subvastus Approach, Guntur April, 2016.
  • Live Oxford Uni, Bhilwara, 15th June, 2017


Books published :

 Arthritis –Cause and Cures, in hindi, educative book for patients, published by Patrika Publications, 2011. Sold more than 5,000 copies.